Thursday, September 28, 2017

Currently Wearing: Fall Potluck Overalls

So, you're telling me these overalls are named after one of my favorite seasonal activities?? Yes, yes they are. I recently got these "Fall Potluck Overalls" from Modcloth, and I thought the name was so stinkin' cute, I named my blog post after it.

Here's the deal: I'm caught somewhere in between yesssss, bring on fall potlucks and waiiiiiiit, I would really love the weather to stay warm so the leaves change just in time for my late October wedding. Bride brain, guys. It's a thing.

Since I feel like Modcloth just picked one of my favorite things and named this item of clothing after it, here's a few other name ideas they could have gone with:

  • fall bonfire overalls
  • pumpkin spice latte overalls (I mean... I had to.)
  • good grammar overalls
  • cute dog I saw walking down the street overalls

I don't know when the overall trend is going to die, but I hope never because I love it (says the girl who got engaged in a pair of overalls). Yes, I know this is a trend my future children will make fun of me for, but I don't care because the year is 2017 and the time is now. 

So I'm gonna wear the overalls! Are you??

Outfit details: overalls c/o Modcloth, shirt c/o Modcloth, similar shoes

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