Friday, July 25, 2014

She Plants Things: A Cacti Garden

So, if you read my post on succulents, you'll know at this point that a cactus is a type of succulent. Basically what that means is you don't have to water it very often *insert cheering noises here* ! Planting cacti is pretty simple, so if you're a novice gardener like myself--this post is for you. 

The most important thing when choosing a planter for your baby cactus is to remember that it's not healthy for cacti to be over-watered. You won't want your cactus to sit in water, otherwise it might drown! So, the best option is to pick a planter with drainage holes. If you run into a problem (like I did) where you looooooove a certain planter without drainage holes, you can add a layer of larger rocks to the bottom for some DIY drainage. That way, the cactus won't be chilling in the deep-end every time you water it.

Take your plant out of its temporary-living home, and it's ready to move into its forever home. (Or at least where it'll stay for about a year until you find a cuter container for it and decide to re-plant it.) Gently brush away the excess dirt that won't fit into your planter, but be careful that you don't damage the root system. Plants have feelings, too.

Pro-tip when planting a cactus: Be careful. Cactus needles aren't the softest things around. Once you've planted each of your prickly guys, you'll then fill in the empty spaces with soil. On top of the soil, you can add a thin layer of pebbles. This isn't necessary for the plants to grow, but it looks cute, so you should probably do it.

If you want to get really fancy, you can research the type of cactus you bought and look up specific care instructions for it. Cacti are like babies; every one is different, and some tend to be more needy than others. As a general rule, though, baby cacti require less attention than actual babies. 

And there ya have it! Cacti are cool… Well, even though they're technically plants for hot weather, but you get the point. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

She Plants Things: Succulents 101

Let's talk about plants.

I like the thought of having some plant life in a home. Obviously, my preferred blooms are florals because duh flowers are pretty, but when my favorite bouquets wilt away, the kitchen counter could still use some garden love. Enter indoor plants. My lovely roommate Merry and I decided to check out the greens we could use in our space and learn a little bit about the best plants for our lifestyle. 

So, when looking for a plant, we wanted a low-maintenance option that would live a long time. There are so many options for adding a little indoor garden to your living space, but we wanted to make sure we didn't get a plant that we'd have to water 2-3 times a day, turn at a 23-degree-axis-rotation to face the sun every hour on the hour, take outdoors if the temperature is above 76 or below 73… You get the idea. We want a plant we're not going to have to worry about killing. So, we decided succulents were the way to go. Succulents are great houseplants because you only have to water them about once a week in the spring and summer, and much less in the winter. I like the idea of a plant that doesn't require a babysitter if I'm going out of town. It's a plant, after all, not a cat.

If you've care about houseplants at all, or if you've ever tried to learn about succulents and/or cacti, you've probably heard the phrase "All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti." Basically, a cactus is a type of succulent. Succulent is a really broad definition for a plant. The word "succulent" means "juicy," which refers to plants that store water in their leaves. Thus, they are (dare I say it?) moist. The reason they are so low-maintenance and great houseplants is because they are pretty self-sufficient with their water resources. They live and grow year-round, but they really flourish in the spring and summer.

When bringing a succulent or cactus home, make sure you don't immediately put it in direct sunlight. Oddly enough, the plants can get sunburned. So, unless you plan on buying some aloe, too, you'll want to phase your new friend into the right environment. (Aloe, haha.) After that, it should be smooth sailing!

Check in later this week for the succulents we picked and how to plant them! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

She Links Things {2}

Here's another roundup of internet things! Enjoy.

1. It's that full moon time again.
2. This new GPS finds the most scenic route, for the wanderlust in you.
3. I'm a sucker for anything cat-related on the internet, but whether or not you're a "cat" person, I think we can all agree this is hilarious.
4. My roommate and I are in the process of hanging a gallery wall, and I'm in love with this print.
5. My alma mater made the cut for "top lamest (aka non-party) schools in the nation." So, that's cool. But the fact that our local newscast found this noteworthy was pure gold.
6. Cardigans in the summertime. This is the story of my life.
7. This app replaces all your desktop icons with Kanye West's face. Need I say more?
8. I got really excited about paying $14.95 for this set of flatware, until I realized they meant they wanted $14.95 for those three pieces only...

I hope you guys have the best weekend! My birthday is on Monday (!!!), so I may begin my celebrations early… I'm thinking now is a good time to start. Happy Friday!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Best Friends 4th Ever

Happy 4th of July, friends!

I'm usually very anti-wearing-patriotic-colors on the Fourth of July. This year I decided to stop being an American Scrooge, and I got into the spirit. What can I say, I'm feeling thankful for the good ole USA.

I'm going to a wedding tonight in Kansas City… The couple is going to be wed, white and blue (hahahahahahah I know, I know). Sooooo that means I got to visit my best friend, Kalee! We've been having the best time.

Kalee got married in January, and this is my first time visiting Kansas City since Kalee and Sfen have been married and living in their new house! (Not pictured: Sfen). But he's here, and we're all having fun.

Last night, we ate at Green Room Burgers, and ohmygoodness, they were SO good. Kalee's burger had goat cheese, sweet pickles, avocado, and bacon, and I had some pretty bad order envy when it got to the table. This morning, we hung out around the house for a bit, made chocolate chip pancakes, and went out for coffee. We've been catching up and taking it easy, and it's been perfect. In a couple hours, Kalee and Sfen are having friends over for dinner and fireworks.

Happy birthday, 'Merica! Luv u lots.