Friday, August 18, 2017

10 Lingering Questions About the Solar Eclipse

So, the solar eclipse is happening Monday, and everybody has been talking about it — including NASA, which is probably obvious. While I've read a lot of articles about the eclipse on NPR, The New York Times, etc. nobody seems to be answering some lingering questions I have. Here's what's on my mind:

1. If I wear the same thing Monday that I do on Sunday, will nobody notice because it's dark outside?

2. Do you think people are going to go crazy and crime will be legal like in The Purge? This hadn't crossed my mind, but my friends Merry and Erin BOTH said this, so now I'm considering it as a possibility.

3. If so, do you think they're making an eclipse reality show and have a production team covering this? I know of one. (Jk that is a link to my fiancé's company and he would not think that's as hilarious as I do, but I'm just going to leave it and hope he doesn't read this blog post 🙃)

4. Can using the code ECLIPSE17 get me discounts on something? Anything?

5. You're gonna need some eclipse glasses. Are you going to remember to save them for the next one? No, absolutely not. (If you're anything like me).

6. Is there going to be a sequel to Interstellar ever? I'm waiting.

7. Do people have to go to work on Monday? Is school cancelled? Who wants to hang out?

8. Is it safe to drive during the eclipse?

9. Is it safe to do ANYTHING during the eclipse?

10. What if it doesn't happen? Does that mean science was wrong about everything?*

*note: this is highly unlikely, as I believe in science. But I suppose anything could happen.

**also note: the glasses pictured are not eclipse glasses from Walmart or Amazon or anywhere. They're just an old pair of regular sunglasses from The Loft — not safe for viewing the eclipse — but I think I got them on sale.

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