Hello! My name's Ana; welcome to my corner of the internet! Since you've stumbled upon my site, let's clear one thing up: It's Ana, actually. My name is pronounced "AHH-nah," not like Anna. (A confusing name makes for a complicated life.) I had to get that off my chest, but now, let's be friends!

I originally started "She Learns Things" as an exploration into online publishing and, well, to learn stuff! Before this little site of mine, I knew zilch about html, SEO, dslr cameras and all the other fun acronyms that come with blogging. Now, I've learned a little more, and I'm ready to share some with ya.

My current interests/blog content is focused on food and home, particularly, how to host people in your space. Gathering family and friends to share snacks, life experiences, ideas and encouragement is where the magic happens. You into it? Let's learn!

Contact: shelearnsthings(at)gmail(dot)com, or follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @itsanaactually! If you'd like to work together professionally on editorial content, copywriting or product photography, contact me via anapierce.com.

'About' photo by Beth Beeson.

All photography taken by Ana Pierce unless otherwise noted. Please do not repost articles without permission. All content © She Learns Things 2013-2017.


  1. I've been here before but just read your about! I freaking love your goal.
    Since I know you in real life, should I be commenting? I don't know the rules.

    Let's get coffee sometime!!

    1. Haha!! I don't know the rules either. Coffee sounds great! xo

  2. Hello. Would you be interested in contributing an article on wellness for a local magazine? Thank you.

  3. MY 10 year old daughter is named Ana Elliott. she has to correct people all the time. I guess it's going to be a lifelong endeavor.