Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Just Because I Missed This

Hi, party people. I'm coming atcha with a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque stream of consciousness, to only let you down with (likely) no startling conclusion at the end of this. But I've missed this, so here I am with no plans, nothing especially noteworthy to say, just a lil update and a few photos from my January—I hope you like 'em.

I'll jump in with January's highs, lows, and things of note.


  • I spent a full week with my bestie + former roomie Merry in Santa Monica. If you're not aware, I work remotely for an app company called A Color Story, which meant I was able to do my normal work stuff and experience some sunshine, all while getting to know her new neighborhood and routines. I n-e-e-d-e-d this friend time!! We also happened to sit next to Conan at dinner one night, so that was pretty fun.
  • Not exactly a January thing, but Austin and I approached our 2022 goals (individual and shared) with more strategy than previous years, and I'm appreciating them as a way to stay grounded during the winter months.


  • A low with many silver linings: Many of my closest contacts came down with The Sickness (you know the one) while I was in California, meaning I couldn't go HOME-home without exposing myself. Lots to be thankful for—everybody experienced mild symptoms and is now fully back to work and life per usual. Also very thankful to have a sister-in-law who is a gem of a friend, and let me take refuge in a familiar space. You might recognize those walls from our former loft. 🥰
  • Not a low, per se, but not a high. Can you have decision fatigue about decisions you haven't yet started to make? Those are my current feelings regarding our upcoming kitchen reno.


This section contains a variety of things I've been reading, listening to, and [contemplating] adding to my cart.
  • This article about how female scammers became the accidental antiheroes of the girlboss era from Refinery29. I'll read anything about Elizabeth Holmes, ha.
  • "Talking While Black" by This American Life was the last podcast I saved. Highly recommend giving it a listen.
  • The winter weather has me asking myself, "can I bring back Uggs, like in the 2022 way?" My Gen-Z friend said I can, but it's very possible that she was just being nice to me. [This is not an official Kaylinn Clotfelter endorsement].
  • I've been eyeing some pull on flare pants like these from Anthro for months, and I found some similar at a local boutique when I was in CA, yay!
That's all for now. Wishing you all peace, sparks of creativity, and people who both refresh you and offer refuge in 2022. Thanks for being here on this quiet winter evening. ❤️

xo, Ana