Friday, September 15, 2017

A Peek at my Living Room

Happy Friday! Even though I work from home now, I'm always excited when the weekend comes. It gives me extra time to do some tidying up, deep cleaning and have some of my favorite people over (only when it's clean though, ha). Even though I've lived in my loft for over a year, it's taken me a while to feel like this room was "finished". And confession: I still don't feel like I'm totally finished with the space! But I'm making progress on the rest of the space, so I wanted to show you what I'm working with in the living area.

The main room in my loft is a big area that I've chosen to split into two living spaces. This is the front one — what you see as soon as you walk in the door — and I'm using the other half of the space as a dining area. I don't have any partition up or anything like that, so you can still see this part of the room even if you're eating spaghetti or something at the dining room table.

I've had so much fun playing around with this space and making it feel cozy and welcoming. My sweet roommate, Merry, and I shared the space for a year, and now I'm making some updates as Austin, my future husband (omg HUSBAND), is going to move in after our October wedding. All exciting, fun things!

I rearrange my coffee table pretty often, but it's usually some combination of candles and plants (#millennial), and usually, it's because the plants died. Whoops! (I'm working on this. I promise.)

I personally like a living room that's not centered around a tv, so I've done my best to make the tv feel like an 'accessory' in the space rather than the room's focal point. Although, for practical reasons, I totally understand why most Americans center the room around the tv — and I kind of have too — so... I guess Netflix won.

Although my loft is pretty industrial, I've tried to make it feel more modern by adding some brighter, airy touches (like the CUTE curtains I bought but haven't found a ladder tall enough to hang them with, ha). Someday I'll have curtains. I look forward to that day. 

Also, shoutout to these IKEA sofas that are way more comfortable than any IKEA sofa should be. The seat cushions on them are extra deep, which means they're great for cuddling up on to watch a movie or just a few dozen episodes of New Girl.

Annnnnd there it is! Thanks for letting me share!

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