Thursday, April 6, 2017

The "OMG-You're-Proposing" Pose

I never thought it would be me. Oh, sure, I figured I would get engaged. But what happened next? Never pictured it.

It's THE pose. You know, the "OMG-You're-Proposing" pose, the one you've seen in approximately 12 out of 21 seasons of The Bachelor. Hands over face, intense squint masking tears, doubled over... It's me. There's proof.

I figured THE pose would be an impossible feat that required lots of secret living room practice like the "smize" or the sorority squat. I was wrong. It is, apparently, the natural human response when someone asks for your hand in marriage.

Anyway, in case you missed it, I got engaged! A month ago, so this post is overdue. Austin asked me to be his wife (!!!) on the third floor of a bicycle museum, and our talented friend Joe Bulger (Bulger Creative Co.) was there to capture it all, hence, how I know I did the pose. Here are a few favorites that Joe took:

You can see more from our engagement session over on Joe's blog. xo!

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