Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to Style a Bandana 3 Ways

Has anybody caught on to this bandana trend? Madewell, Zara and others have been showing them this season, and it's such an easy trend to try out. You'll want to be careful that you don't look like a "bandana" person tho — you know, like a bandit, a cross-country motorcycle man (unless that's what you're going for, in which case, totally cool), or that guy who really wants to be in a country band. Bad.

But if you steer from the traditional bandana pattern and style it in a creative way, I think you'll have fun with it. I did! Here's a few ways I thought of wearing mine:

1. Use a Bandana as a Belt (?!)

Obviously, it depends on the size of the bandana whether or not you'll be able to use it as an actual belt-belt, but this one was oversized, so I was able to play with it this way.

If the bandana is small, you could tie it around your front-left belt loop for the same idea!

2. Wear a Bandana in Your Hair

I've had an on-again, off-again relationship with tying scarves in my hair (evidence here) since I first received several of my grandma's as hand-me-downs. I'm an only child, so I guess getting clothes and accessories from my grandma was akin to most of you getting clothes from your older sister or something? Score.

Personally, I usually tuck the ends of the bandana underneath the "headband" part, so they don't stick up like rabbit ears, or worse, a tv antenna. Sometimes they look cute that way tho — it just depends on the size of the bandana and how much they stick up.

3. Style a Bandana Around Your Neck

The current trendy gal way, I'm pretty sure, is to tie it around your neck. Plus, it's easy as pie!

I wore my bandana like this for a bit over the weekend, and my boyfriend said it looked like I was about to go for a drive in a convertible in California.

I figured I should make his vision come to life, so I'm thinking roadtriiiiip! Who's with me?!

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