Thursday, September 29, 2016

What Does Your Coffee Order Say About You?

Hey pals! It’s my favorite day of the year — national coffee day. Okay, truthfully, Christmas is a little more exciting, but still... You can get coffee for free at lots of places today! Or you can pay for a higher quality cup of coffee at a local shop! Which will you do? More importantly, what does that decision say about you?

I’ve rounded up several common coffee shop orders and determined through a highly scientific process what these drinks say about your personality. If you’re anything like me, you’ve ordered every single one of the drinks on this list. But when you close your eyes, take a deep breath and think of your one, true favorite beverage — the one you’d spend the rest of your life committed to with no doubts — which one is it? Find it below and see if you agree.

Espresso (If you pronounce it es-press-oh) — You're a "git r done" type, with the résumé to prove it. The amount you "git done" increases exponentially depending on how many shots you order.

Espresso (If you pronounce it ex-press-oh) — You're friends with a "git r done" type, and if you hang around that person long enough, they're sure to rub off on you. Keep on keepin' on!

Chai — You’ve got a little boho in you, and you don’t play by anybody’s rules. May currently be wearing a Free People dress or Hawaiian shirt.

Hot Chocolate — You’re not old enough for coffee yet, but your day is coming soon.

Iced Coffee — You're always hot, so you order it iced. Or you just perpetually wish it were summer, and I can't say that I blame you for that. P.S. One of my first blog posts ever was a recipe for home-brewed iced coffee. Adorable, right?

Pour Over — You’ve started more than one sentence today with the word, “actually…”, but overall, you’re a really nice guy. Be careful! The coffee’s hot; make sure it doesn’t drip on your beard.

Black Coffee, Prepared at Home — You’re no-nonsense, you plan ahead, and you’re frugal. Or you’re a blogger who wanted an excuse to use her new Anthropologie mug.

Tea — You haven't acquired the taste for coffee yet, and you're okay with that.

Venti Java Chip Frappuccino with extra Mocha Drizzle — You haven't acquired the taste for coffee yet, but you desperately want to.

Pumpkin Spice Latte — You live for comfort, fall, and most importantly, leggings.

Vanilla Latte — You’re just a little sweeter than the average latte, and unexpectedly refreshing. Come over here; you can sit by me.

Did your order of choice make the list? Will you be celebrating National Coffee Day