Monday, September 12, 2016

One Dress, Two Cities

So what do you do if you're shopping with a friend and you both go for the same item? Do you call dibs or let your pal have the coveted item of clothing? I'm sure how teenage you would answer that quiz in an issue of Seventeen says something about your personality.

As for me? I say we can both snag it! And I lucked into having great friends because Ashlyn found this dress first and she was happy to let me jump on her bandwagon.

So you want to talk about the dress? Cool, me too. In case you didn't notice, it's overalls. And a dress/skirt. So if you're super clever like me and Ash, you can call them skoveralls. It's a new word we've invented, but I expect it to be all over New York Fashion Week.

We found the brilliant piece of denim at a Zara in Chicago. We quickly realized we could wear them with just about anything — the perfect transitional piece from late summer to fall. (RIP summer I love you).

So here it is: one dress, two ways — or one dress, two cities — whichever you prefer. I styled mine "fancy" (or as fancy as denim overalls can get). Basically what I'm saying is, I wore mine to church (and coffee beforehand and brunch afterward and Aldi later that day). So, yes. Very fancy.

Ashlyn wore her skoveralls our last day running around Chicago together, so she styled it for more of a city day. A small, over-the-shoulder bag and sneaks are a must when you're walking all day! (RIP summer and RIP our feet, also).

Oh, so I'm sure some of you are wondering who Ashlyn is. She's my boyfriend's sister, and she's the best. She goes to school up in Chicago; last week Austin and I were able to go up and visit her. We had such a sweet time, and if teleportation was a thing and work didn't exist, I'd totally be hanging out in Chicago with her right now.

Oh, and the other sweet thing we found?? This mural in Chicago. That one's just self explanatory.

What do you think of this trend. Are you into it, or over-all it?


  1. Love this look on you. Love how it can go both fancy and casual. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. As adorable as you both are (and I know ashlyn personally adore her!!), I hate to say it, but the skoveralls are NOT flattering to your cute figures. Frumpy, and no shape simply take away from you. Perhaps some darts in the side of a darker blue, or a permanent hanky/skarf out one of the pockets- maybe a loose chain belt? It's cute, yet,it takes away from you. Lets hope one day your never frumpy or have no shape- therfore, why dress that way now? Enjoy your youth and the awesome clothes you can wear and get away with it! On the other hand, my opinion is no big deal. If you like it- so be it and enjoy! You only go around once that you'll remember! Make it count with no regrets or remorse!