Wednesday, February 11, 2015

9 Things Every Girl Wants For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is in 3 days, people! You might be a girl who doesn't want to hint at what you want for the big holiday. You might be a clueless guy who has no idea what to buy. I've solved all of these problems by posting what all girls are thinking, publicly, on the internet. Here are 9 great gift options any girl would love to receive for V-Day:

1. Candy

All girls love Conversation Heart candies, and there are several perks to buying them. The first perk is if either guy or gal is a terrible conversationalist. Ta-daaaa! Instantly fixed. Say, for example, you choose a heart that says "Cutie Pie." It's a 2-for-1! You can either talk about A. How that girl/guy is a cutie, or B. Your mutual love for pie. 
Sidebar: Don't expect a girl to eat the candy hearts because everybody knows they taste like TUMS, but hopefully she'll at least take a photo of them to put on her Instagram feed.

2. Notes

Notes are undeniably thoughtful, and girls love to receive them. Bonus points if you write her a love song. Or a haiku. 

3. Chocolate

It is a universally-recognized concept that women love chocolate. Capitalize on it! And act quickly because the chocolate in Walmart's Valentine's aisle is going like the rapture. 

4. Flower

Buy the lady a flower! Or, y'know, a dozen flowers. She will undoubtedly Instagram these if you fail on the candy front.

5. Coffee

Since we're all agreed that coffee is the best thing ever invented, your girl will obviously love this gift. For the gift that keeps on giving, you might consider buying a coffee *gift* card (although perhaps you should combine this with an actual date, too.) You could take her on a coffee date for Valentine's Day, or if you're a real overachiever, you could buy her a whole coffee shop! (I recommend knowing a little about business ownership/the coffee industry before taking the plunge on that last option.)

6. Hamburgers 

If your girl doesn't have a huge sweet-tooth, you could get her burgers for Valentine's Day. I highly recommend this option for anybody trying to date me.

7. Office Supplies

The best gifts are thoughtful. Show her you support her career! Why do guys always ask girls out by buying them fancy martinis, anyway? Buy me something useful and lasting, like a stapler. I would appreciate that more, and I've been meaning to buy one.

8. Cat Food

All women like cats. (Right???) So, if you want your lady to know you care about her, care about the things SHE cares about. Like her cat. And buying him food. You could save her a whole $12.78! Plus, if she knows you can take care of her cat, it will give her more confidence that you can take care of her.  

9. A Boyfriend

Every girl wants a boyfriend for Valentine's Day. Give me a boyfriend, or give me carbs! 


  1. Ok so
    1) these photos are everything, and
    2) can I have you for Valentine's Day cause girl, I didn't think anyone else shared me love for office supplies!

  2. So true! Couldn't agree more, Ana.