Friday, July 4, 2014

Best Friends 4th Ever

Happy 4th of July, friends!

I'm usually very anti-wearing-patriotic-colors on the Fourth of July. This year I decided to stop being an American Scrooge, and I got into the spirit. What can I say, I'm feeling thankful for the good ole USA.

I'm going to a wedding tonight in Kansas City… The couple is going to be wed, white and blue (hahahahahahah I know, I know). Sooooo that means I got to visit my best friend, Kalee! We've been having the best time.

Kalee got married in January, and this is my first time visiting Kansas City since Kalee and Sfen have been married and living in their new house! (Not pictured: Sfen). But he's here, and we're all having fun.

Last night, we ate at Green Room Burgers, and ohmygoodness, they were SO good. Kalee's burger had goat cheese, sweet pickles, avocado, and bacon, and I had some pretty bad order envy when it got to the table. This morning, we hung out around the house for a bit, made chocolate chip pancakes, and went out for coffee. We've been catching up and taking it easy, and it's been perfect. In a couple hours, Kalee and Sfen are having friends over for dinner and fireworks.

Happy birthday, 'Merica! Luv u lots.

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