Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Adventure Fund

If you have a Pinterest board that has the word "adventure" or "wanderlust" in the title, then this post is for you. After dreaming about these images, I decided to DIY-myself a jar and see how much change I could save.

I read that the TSA makes over $400,000 a year from change left at checkpoints (whoa.), so I decided my pocket change would probably add up faster than I'd expect. In fact, my aunt and uncle once bought a fridge from change they collected over time! I'm inspired.

I put two lines on the side of my jar with washi tape, so I'll see my progress and celebrate once I reach a goal! Decorating the jar was easy as pie, and I'm glad I did because now I feel more motivated to put my spare change in the special adventure fund, complete with zig-zaggy goal markers. It's very official.

Here's to saving some change and going on bigger adventures! I'm thinking Paris and Milan. Hey, a girl can dream, right? Clearly, I've already saved at least enough to get to Branson.

Au revoir, ciao, bisous, sayonara! 

1 comment

  1. I love it!! I was thinking recently that I need to put some money away to go on a cool adventure, so I may have to make myself one of these neat jars!