Sunday, December 24, 2017

Our First Married Christmas

Who knew a married Christmas would feel so different than a dating Christmas?! Besides the obvious fact that Austin and I live together now, somehow Christmas this year feels so different than the last. It's fun to think of new traditions to create together and prepare for the season, until... dun dun dunnnnn... you realize you're newlyweds and don't collectively own any holiday decor. Ha!

It had really never occurred to me that someday you have to buy your own Christmas stocking.. something we haven't done yet because I'm hoping the pretty Anthropologie ones will go on super sale. Thankfully, Austin and I were able to borrow some fun holiday decor from both of our moms — in addition to a few items we purchased — and our Christmas collection is off to a good start. I posted about it on my Instagram, but even though we have the big tree this year, my favorite is this tinsel tree with inoperable lights. I just love the look of the wiry silver branches.

For an affordable "centerpiece" solution, I dug around in the pile of extra branches at Lowe's, and we used some ornaments we didn't hang on the tree. It's fun to watch the sunlight reflect off of them in the morning; it lights up the whole living room!

Our little nutcracker friend is a nod to Austin's childhood collection. He's received a nutcracker from his grandma each year for Christmas since he was born — plus a few others from family and friends — and now he has over 30! I think it's 34, if I remember right.

To be honest, my favorite trees are made up of memories shared over the years. Special places, an ornament you picked up on this or that trip, and references to traits or interests that make our loved ones unique. But those are the trees you have to earn, over time, and I'm excited to collect all of those experiences together. A funky tree is just evidence of a full life. 

So, here we are. New last name, new traditions. Gingerbread house making, prime rib on Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve service at ET (my home church), stockings, egg nog, chicken cordon bleu on Christmas, and a nutcracker collection. Hey, I may be closer to that full, eclectic tree than I think. Merry Christmas, friends! I hope your holiday season is everything you wish it to be.

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