Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My 2017 Goals

Happy 2017, friends!

Earlier this week, I sat around in a hot tub with some of my good friends, and we talked about our goals for the year. One of my goals is to not go hot tubbing in the winter with a head cold, but hey, we’re all working on something. Over the years, I’ve gone from being a bit lazy and lost when it comes to self-direction to finding so much energy from creating and achieving goals. I know some people say creating goals stresses them out, but for me, it’s all about baby steps and writing ‘em down.

I’ve started writing a list of goals for each year in my personal journal, and since it’s so fun to look back and see what I hoped/prayed for and what I accomplished, I decided to share a few of ‘em here!

1. Host More People in my Home
Whether it’s for a quick after-work cheese plate or a three-day weekend, I want my apartment to be a place family and friends feel welcome and rested.

2. Take a Trip Overseas (and travel more in general)
Since high school, it’s been rare for me to be in good ‘ole Springfield without seeing much more of the world, but 2016 was different. I didn’t travel much this year, and while I love my hometown, sometimes a gal's gotta put her passport to use.

3. Cut the Clutter
While I’m certainly not planning to buy a tiny house and become a minimalist (SO admire that lifestyle, but then I walk in an Anthropologie and lose all self control), I do want to purge some unnecessary things from my life. (Lookin’ at you, high school prom dress.)

4. Write More (and Read More!)
This goal has three parts:
- Blog more than I did in 2016
- Continue writing for organizations I admire
- Send more handwritten letters.

On the reading thing, I read a lot for work. It's kinda my job. BUT, that being said, I want to read more for myself this year.

It probably goes without saying, but the best part of the hot tub time wasn’t telling everybody what I wanna do, but hearing about their dreams for 2017! Comment, email, text or message me your goals. I want to hear ‘em!

Outfit details: Coat - Vince Camuto (last season, similar here), Turtleneck Dress - c/o StyleWe, Orange Tunic - H&M (out of stock, similar here), Boots (Similar)


  1. 1. Enjoy life more than I did last year....
    2. Create a website/blog to build an online 'platform to make #3 easier.
    3. Figure out how to publish a book (since I completed my 2016 goal of writing one...)

    I'm thinking it might be cool to pick your brain on some stuff. Because you know things. ;)

    1. Those are good goals!! Also, WHOA at #3. I wanna hear more about it! xo

  2. these are goals that i think everyone has lol
    heres to 2017 :)