Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Giving Thanks for the Small Stuff

It's easy to be grateful when you're in the middle of an exciting season or things are going well. But if you're feeling like a droopy sunflower, sometimes it's harder to pull yourself out of the funk to see all the good that surrounds you.

Giving thanks is so important — not only on Thanksgiving, but every day of the year. Why? Well, you're probably a crank to be around if you're an eternal pessimist. But science supports the idea too: One study shows that people who kept a gratitude journal for 10 weeks were happier and more optimistic than those who simply journaled about everyday occurrences. At the end of the study, the gratitude group also happened to be exercising more and visiting the doctor less! Gratitude clearly matters.

If you're wanting to cultivate gratitude, it's as easy or as hard as you make it. Your brain can only handle so many thoughts, so if you can capture negative emotions and replace them with gratitude, you're rewiring your brain to feel more positive emotions and reduce anxiety. Sounds like a good plan, huh?!

Here are some ideas on how to cultivate gratitude, if, y'know, you're just not feeling grateful.
- Buy a journal, and only use it to record what you're thankful for. You're not allowed to unpack your day or vent about traffic/work/relationships/whatever you might be frustrated about in this journal. It's simply a happy place.
- Ok good, then read the journal regularly. I really believe there's something about seeing things in your own handwriting. It reminds you that you're human.
- Also, you're human. Be grateful you woke up today!

You can copy off my small things list if you want. Truthfully, I'm most grateful for the big things in my personal life — family, loved ones, health, etc. But we can all be grateful for the following:

- pizza
- a bed, or somewhere to sleep at night
- internet connection (did you know almost 60 percent of the world doesn't have internet access?)
- Google (seriously. You can learn anything in the world on Google.)
- coffee. This wouldn't be a true gratitude list if it didn't include coffee
- music
- art
- Burt's Bees Hibiscus tinted lip balm (am I getting too specific now?)

So yeah, gratitude. Easier than it sounds, harder than it sounds, way more important than it sounds.

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Photos of me by Austin Elliott of Locke + Stache


  1. I'm grateful that I got to see you Saturday!

  2. Check out the 5 Minute Journal! It's a really great gratitude journal. There's even an app that you can use if you don't want to lug the journal around everywhere.

    1. Laurin, THANK YOU for this recommendation!! I hadn't even heard of it.