Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First Post, Y'all!

Write what you know.

If you've ever taken a writing class, you've probably heard that statement somewhere between a billion and a trillion times. Writers, aspiring writers, and random kids who took a creative writing class in college are told to write about what they know because it makes for interesting content. It's a lot easier to write about things you've experienced and emotions you've felt than to try to imagine what it might be like to feel or think something different. We write what we know because it is real.

So the whole point here is for me to write about things I don't know. Why? Well, because I am a rebel ex-English major, for one (meaning I graduated, not that I divorced my major.) In retrospect, I probably should have majored in communications instead. They probably would have taught me how to blog with a communications degree, maybe? Do they teach that stuff? As an English major, I learned the proper use of semicolons. And now I'm going to learn some more stuff. Starting tomorrow.

If you want to read a condensed version of this, or if you want to read more half-jokes that might make you half-laugh, check out my About Me page.

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